Our Team
Andrew J. Duffy / Founder, President, B.Arch.
Andrew J. Duffy / Founder, President

Andrew holds an architecture degree from the University of Toronto and has been involved in the design and construction fields for over 25 years. Together with his architectural education, he has hands-on work experience in all trades. A year in Tuscany working with Broadhead Agnelli Architetti and a local group of masons continues to inform Andrew’s work. Since then, he has built on his experience and expertise in both design and construction as a result of increasingly complex challenges and opportunities.

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Jay Marples / General Manager, BA, HNC Construction Management (UK)
Jay Marples / General Manager

Jay has been with Duffy & Associates since 2015, starting as a lead carpenter, and working his way up the ranks. He has produced some of our finest pieces of carpentry and with his deep knowledge of the construction industry, he has managed our largest projects.

Jay trained in the UK in traditional carpentry (joinery) producing millwork, windows and doors. He is an Advanced Carpentry graduate and has his certification in Construction Management. He also has a BA in Education.


Bart Flegg / Senior Site Supervisor —
Bart Flegg / Senior Site Supervisor

Bart Flegg joined Duffy & Associates after moving across Canada from British Columbia. His extensive knowledge in the construction of well-functioning, architecturally focused homes is consistently complemented by result-driven and detail-oriented leadership.

With an unwavering commitment to bringing projects from conception to polished finality, his facility developing and executing strategic sequencing remains aligned with client and stakeholder goals through all phases of the build. Collaborating with diverse teams has moulded Flegg’s professional workflow, as has his ability to anticipate complexities and energetically problem solve.

Arian Zeneli / Accounting —
Arian Zeneli / Accounting

Arian Zeneli is an experienced accounting professional with 10+ years of expertise. Specializing in financial analysis and bookkeeping, Arian delivers accurate project accounting on all Duffy projects. His construction background covers both residential and commercial projects, offering comprehensive financial insights. A keen problem solver, Arian excels at identifying better pathways to performance.

Phil Fors / Project Manager —
Phil Fors / Project Manager

Phil graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Science from Ryerson University, with a specialization in Building Science. He has general fabrication experience in woodworking shops, and as a CNC operator at Eventscape Inc.
At Duffy & Associates, Phil specializes in CAD modeling, building envelope design, and fabrication oversight. He is especially interested in optimizing thermal performance as well as researching and implementing eco-friendly assemblies and materials.

Joshua Richardson-Duffy / Technology + Finance, B.Comm. w/ Distinction - Finance + Economics

Joshua graduated from Rotman Commerce with Distinction, specializing in Finance & Economics. He has been with Duffy & Associates for 10 years, working in virtually every aspect of the company's operations. He has become an indispensable member of the team overseeing our data management, information technologies, and reporting processes.